Monday, May 7, 2012

Dust off your Wings

Way back on the 4th… just last Friday actually, we talked about how complex ’simple’ can be. As with the Slow Food Spring Supper (which we had the pleasure of being involved with over the weekend), a one-day event is filled with details, details, and more details.

And that’s basically why it took so long to get to this, the next post on this blog.

If you’re looking forward to ILoveLocalHFX's OPEN CITY stay tuned on twitter to see all that’s happening on May 12&13 by following #OpenCity, or #SideDoorTakeout, or us at #PopGoesTheWarehouse. You can also access all the info by going to

KEEP IN MIND: Many, if not all, the other restaurant-members will be doing a ‘side door takeout’ from their physical space, whereas The Brooklyn Warehouse is doing a POP-UP at a different location altogether. So, if you show up at Windsor & Almon on Saturday, you won’t find a pop-up there.

Where will the Pop-Up… pop up? Patience, patience. The countdown continues, and we’ll let you know on Friday! However, and this is exciting too! Tomorrow, we roll out the Pop-Up Menu. It will be posted right here. Then you’ll know why your Open City Weekend should start somewhere in the North End of Halifax!

Dust off those Wings, power up that Green Glowing Ring, or Iron your Cape (we’re such nerds), and prepare to fly into Your Open City this weekend!


  1. I'm moving to Calgary and leaving Halifax on Saturday morning. I hope your pop-up is open early enough for us to drop by! :-)

    1. Pop-Up pops up at 11am. If that’s not too late, its on your way to the Airport if you’re taking the Macdonald Bridge. Send us an email; we’d like to chat your trip back home!