Monday, May 7, 2012


Pop-Ups are nothing new, and The Warehouse is in no way trying to take credit for 'introducing' the concept here. Pop-Ups have been happening in our fair city for some time now. If you really think about it… a Radio Disc-Jockey hanging out Centre-Court in the Mall is a Pop-Up!

But lets stay focused on FOOD! Local Source Market ( has been doing pop-ups since 2009 with guest chefs (if not earlier), and will continue to do so. Two If By Sea (TIBS; has been doing pop-ups almost from Day One featuring a family dinner setting at their communal table with invited chefs; how cool is that! Sugar Moon Maple Farm’s Log Kitchen ( does a pop-up almost every other month featuring top chefs from around our region, and well worth the drive to Earltown, just outside Truro. Then there’s what Chef Mark Giffen is letting Chef Graeme Ruppel and his Crew do with the kitchen at Coastal Cafe 4 nights a week. Check it out at or @CoastalAtNight.

Of course, there are the ‘bad-boy’ gigs too; secret-suppers and back-yard pop-ups, but we’ve only heard rumours. Really.

The very first food pop-up? We’re not entirely sure; but one of the very first notable pop-ups is Mission Street Foods in San Francisco.

Legit (read legal) or otherwise, Pop-Ups are now part of Food Culture and here to stay! Well, actually… here today, gone tomorrow.

You know what I mean.


  1. Ok enough with teasing. It time for some clues so we can plan to actually to at least Pop-in to the right neighbourhood. Cant wait for the Pop Up :-)

  2. John, get your maps out! The clues are out there and there’s only one right answer so far. The Fedora is lonely, give it a shot #PopGoesBW.