Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OK! So We’re not done yet.

On May 12, The Brooklyn Warehouse participated in OpenCity, a first time event put on by ILoveLocal HFX to promote our city… to US, the people who live here. And it worked!!! BIG TIME.

On May 12, The Brooklyn Warehouse did something else. We introduced THE ACE BURGER COMPANY, our premium burger joint to the city, to YOU, for the first time. And it Worked!!! BIG TIME.

There’s a lot of chatter right now about premium burger joints opening up all over the place. And that’s good. Everyone deserves a great burger, made from fresh, local ingredients, flame-broiled or on the flatiron… man, just as long as its good tasting food! Choice is a democratic thing… bring it on!

The Brooklyn Warehouse has always been a ‘burger joint’ disguised as a casual fine-dining room, offering a premium burger since opening in 2007 and hitting 2nd place 4 years running for Best Burger in The Coast Awards, along with being mentioned as one of the Top 5 Burgers across Canada by both Chatelaine (2009) and Sharp For Men (2011).


The Ace Burger Company, (A Brooklyn Warehouse Joint), is going to ‘Pop-Up’ in a permanent location on July 1, 2012… Canada Day, somewhere in North End Halifax. On that day, we’re going to celebrate the quintessential Canadian Burger, whether its made with Getaway Farm’s 100% Grass-feed Beef, or Canadian Lentils and Field Mushrooms, or something in between. The Menu will be Bigger. The Food will be Hand-crafted, and the Location will Permanent. This time we won’t disappear.

How’s that for a Pop-Up!

The ACE BURGER COMPANY is coming! Stay tuned to this Blog or follow us on twitter and facebook.

Friday, May 18, 2012

#OpenCity Publicity

Wow, last weekend was crazy awesome! Below are some links to publicity for the incredible #OpenCity event coordinated by ILOVELOCALHFX Check out the wonderful pics and tweets. Also, check out Doug Townsend's amazing video of him and his family's adventure in our fair city!

The Chronicle Herald

Open File

Open File - How Was It?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Last Post

A great big thanks to everyone who made 
Pop Goes The Warehouse a huge success yesterday 
at Gus’ Pub at North & Agricola.

First to all of those who attended #OpenCity and shared some of the best local retail and great eats around the city yesterday, especially those who dropped by the Pop-Up and had a street-wise version of our very own Brooklyn Burger. You know who you are!

Next; Dimo, Maria, Jake, and Mike at Gus’ Pub for letting our Crew take over their kitchen, and our crowd take over the rest of the pub, for all the help in making Ace Burger Company fly yesterday.

To all our producers and suppliers, who in addition to being that much busier for the approaching Mother’s Day Weekend, still had the gumption to get more stuff for us to cook! And they are:

Getaway Meat Mongers, Halls Harbour/ Seaport Market
Stone Hearth Bakery, Bayers Road, Halifax
Foxhill Cheese House, Port Williams/ Seaport Market
Brothers Meats, Agricola Street, Halifax
Cow’s Creamery, PEI

A special thanks to Gordon Stevens and everyone behind the scenes at ILoveLocalHFX and #OpenCity! And those on the front lines of ILove LocalHFX, our fellow members! For a job well done and a huge success across our region’s capital all this weekend! LETS DO IT AGAIN!

G&L, Staff and Crew
The Brooklyn Warehouse

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Doors Are Open!

11am…. it Begins.

The First Burger.
Then another, and another.
Followed by Fries, and more Fries.
Then Poutine.
And so on,
And so on,
Until the day is done, or
Until the food is gone.


If you’re driving here, there’s parking all over the place; up and down Agricola, and along the side-streets further south or north of North. A five minute walk from your car is no more than a few blocks; you’ll get to see more of the neighborhood and it’ll do your feet wonders. Lets all be respectful of the residents and other businesses in the area and not block up the street or the intersection; we’re not doing a drive thru - it’s a Pop-Up!

Don’t forget; Cash Only, ATM on Site. And although a portion of our proceeds will go to Slow Food NS and Feed Nova Scotia, we are asking you to bring a little extra for the Donation Jar too!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Fedora Has Spoken

Winner of 2 Pop-Up Meals is:

Thanks for participating in our little expose of great places to eat in North End Halifax!
See you tomorrow!

The Man Burns in 113 days…
and The Fedora Has Spoken!


OK, so this was supposed to come out a 2:30… we just forgot one detail… that OpenFile Interview.

GUS’ PUB… it is!
Where Else 
Could We Possibly Do
A Serious Street Eats

Early Saturday morning, G&L, Mark & Crew are going to show up and take over the kitchen at Gus’, fire up the line, start prepping, and at 11am, we’re going to open the North & Agricola Corner to the public, rain or shine. We’re going to serve up a Slow Fast Food riff on one of Canada’s Top Five Burgers; our very own Brooklyn Burger! Its going to be Aces!

Gus’ Pub is one of those venerable local spots with lots of character; a long standing homegrown institution. “Family Run Since ‘61” is more than just a slogan; it means they have been serving the North End Community for over 50 years. There aren't too many places like this left in the city; its an honest, real place with real history. It has a solid clientele of young neighborhood residents and music-loving customers; making it one of the busiest music venues in Halifax. During the day, it offers great hot meals and daily specials, a nice cold beer or other beverage. Go to any local bar in any big city and that’s what you get.

But this Saturday, a Brooklyn Warehouse Joint is taking over North & Agricola.
Pop Goes The Warehouse! 



T h e  B r o o k l y n  W a r e h o u s e
B  U  R  G  E  R   J  O  I  N  T

All Burgers Come with a 5oz. patty of Getaway Meat Mongers’ Brooklyn Burger Mix,
Toasted Stone Hearth Challah Bun and the Warehouse’s own Red Pepper Mayo (RPM).
The Bacon Cheeseburger is made with Cow’s Old Cheddar & Brother’s Back Bacon.
Our Poutine is made with Foxhill Cheese Curds & House-Made ‘Gravy”
Classic Burger $5
Bacon Cheeseburger $7 
+extra patty $3
Hand-cut Fries $3.50
Poutine $5.50  
Pop-Shop Soda $2.50
Make any Burger a Combo with Fries & Drink: add $5
Make any Burger a Combo with Poutine & Drink: add $7
*condiments (mustard, relish, ketchup, vinegar)
**taxes are included.
ATM on Site.
Doors open at 11am, rain or shine, and we will go until we run out of food, or 5pm… which ever comes first. There will only be Counter Service/Take-Out available and this is a One Day Event.
A portion of the proceeds are going to Slow Food Nova Scotia & Feed Nova Scotia, and there will be donation jars for the more generous types.
See You Saturday!


Its 8am. Everyone’s off to work, off from work, or already there.

Its Friday;
Its the weekend;
Mothers’ Day Weekend!
May 12&13.

There’s lots going on everywhere.
The restaurants will be busy;
The florists will be busy;
Card Shops;
Gift Shops;
Kids… of all ages;
and Moms.

ILoveLocalHFX will be busy too, getting ready to host you, our neighbours, with #OpenCity.
Check out the Best in Local Retail, and the Best in Local Food!
The Passports are waiting; so, don’t forget yours.
Stamp it at each ‘port of call’.
Record your travels!

Act like a tourist…
Become an Ambassador.
Its the weekend.

Oh, yes… about the Pop-Up Location;

Yesterday’s fuss garnered 7 correct answers and a big list of great places to eat in the North End. So, Mr. George’s Fedora will be used to pick someone's name for two free meals at the Pop-Up! Sorry, let me rephrase… free with a donation to Slow Food NS & Feed Nova Scotia, that is!

We’ll announce the lucky winner along with the Location at 2:30pm.
(BrooklynHalifax Time)

You didn’t really think we were going to tell you now, did you?
We couldn’t make it that easy.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not A Clue Either

But Seriously, there’s only one right answer in all those tweets yesterday. You still have till Noon Today to get your name in that Fedora for a chance to win 2 free Pop-Up meals this Saturday Morning! Keep trying and be specific; we want to Showcase all the great E.A.T.S. in North End Halifax!

Check out the clues from yesterday’s post and check out the tweets so far… THE CLUE is in there. Winner gets to know on Reveal Day!

Tweet your answer with #PopGoesBW or we might miss it!

Not a location clue.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So Where… Oh Where, Will It Be?

There’s a bit of chatter about where the Warehouse will Pop-Up on Saturday, and that’s wonderful news.

The North End is a fairly large area to cover, and there are a lot of fine food shops, restaurants, and commercial kitchens dotting just about every block and neighborhood. We thought it would be cool to showcase that by making them Top Of Mind. You should visit all of them; they are all worth it!

So, get your game on and give it a shot….
Where, oh where do you think we’ll pop up?

Here are some clues:
  • Main thoroughfare with lots of foot & bike traffic.
  • Popular crossroads with a wonderful assortment of local shops & services.
  • Great Street: got its name, as the story goes, from a farm… how appropriate is that!
  • Surrounded by great resi-hoods and filled will wonder smells from bakeries & roasters.
  • The kitchen must have all the necessary equipment to produce our pop-up menu.
  • The location must have a valid permit to operate as an eating establishment.
  • The Bridge is close, so our Darkside Peeps can join us for OpenCity!
  • NoNo… whatever that means.

Let the tweets begin! Those handles who get it right will be thrown into a Fedora Hat and drawn to win a free meal for two at the pop-up. Add #PopGoesBW to your tweet.

Good Luck!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Pop-Ups are nothing new, and The Warehouse is in no way trying to take credit for 'introducing' the concept here. Pop-Ups have been happening in our fair city for some time now. If you really think about it… a Radio Disc-Jockey hanging out Centre-Court in the Mall is a Pop-Up!

But lets stay focused on FOOD! Local Source Market (www.localsourcemarket.com) has been doing pop-ups since 2009 with guest chefs (if not earlier), and will continue to do so. Two If By Sea (TIBS; www.twoifbyseabakeshop.com) has been doing pop-ups almost from Day One featuring a family dinner setting at their communal table with invited chefs; how cool is that! Sugar Moon Maple Farm’s Log Kitchen (www.sugarmoon.ca) does a pop-up almost every other month featuring top chefs from around our region, and well worth the drive to Earltown, just outside Truro. Then there’s what Chef Mark Giffen is letting Chef Graeme Ruppel and his Crew do with the kitchen at Coastal Cafe 4 nights a week. Check it out at www.facebook.com/coastal.night or @CoastalAtNight.

Of course, there are the ‘bad-boy’ gigs too; secret-suppers and back-yard pop-ups, but we’ve only heard rumours. Really.

The very first food pop-up? We’re not entirely sure; but one of the very first notable pop-ups is Mission Street Foods in San Francisco. http://missionstreetfood.com/

Legit (read legal) or otherwise, Pop-Ups are now part of Food Culture and here to stay! Well, actually… here today, gone tomorrow.

You know what I mean.

Dust off your Wings

Way back on the 4th… just last Friday actually, we talked about how complex ’simple’ can be. As with the Slow Food Spring Supper (which we had the pleasure of being involved with over the weekend), a one-day event is filled with details, details, and more details.

And that’s basically why it took so long to get to this, the next post on this blog.

If you’re looking forward to ILoveLocalHFX's OPEN CITY stay tuned on twitter to see all that’s happening on May 12&13 by following #OpenCity, or #SideDoorTakeout, or us at #PopGoesTheWarehouse. You can also access all the info by going to http://www.ilovelocalhfx.ca

KEEP IN MIND: Many, if not all, the other restaurant-members will be doing a ‘side door takeout’ from their physical space, whereas The Brooklyn Warehouse is doing a POP-UP at a different location altogether. So, if you show up at Windsor & Almon on Saturday, you won’t find a pop-up there.

Where will the Pop-Up… pop up? Patience, patience. The countdown continues, and we’ll let you know on Friday! However, and this is exciting too! Tomorrow, we roll out the Pop-Up Menu. It will be posted right here. Then you’ll know why your Open City Weekend should start somewhere in the North End of Halifax!

Dust off those Wings, power up that Green Glowing Ring, or Iron your Cape (we’re such nerds), and prepare to fly into Your Open City this weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pop Pop Pop...

May The 4th Be With You!

Graeme , Thanks for the Reminder!

Twitter Spam DM (Direct Messages)

Gotta love starting a promotion (because that’s what this is), and have your twitter account hacked!

Anyway, two days later we have regained control of our twitter account; no more messages from BrooklynHalifax letting all of you know “someone is saying nasty things about you…” or something along those lines.

Lets get back to The Pop-Up!

We placed some of our orders today for ingredients and bought some sundry supplies, like black checkered wrapping paper! One of our suppliers at the Seaport Farmers’ Market says there is no problem with filling our order for their _ _ _ _ _ _ product (which they produce for us according to our specifications); except that they may need to retool their “press” to accommodate the Pop-Up menu items. Let’s see what they come up with! “They” (our suppliers for this Pop-Up) will be revealed shortly, because its more about them anyway, than it is about us.

Tomorrow: a phone call to yet another unsuspecting supplier for at least 25 to 30 dozen of our custom baked _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -_ _ _ _, which are right up their alley!

One of the things we discussed early on about this pop-up was that it had to be simple, and it will be! But presenting simple is a lot more complex than it seems on the surface; it always is, and always will be. Why? Well, because in food service and food culture, simple can not be compromised.

A lot goes into making a pop-up, or an event like 'Open City' happen. This event is ‘simply’ a moment in our City’s life. Yet it must be remarkable and YOU must participate!

The whole idea involves YOU!

Get out on May 12 and 13. See the City from a Tourist’s point of view. Check out the “Locals”… that’s us! I Love Local Halifax merchants and restaurants. Then tell all your friends and family what its all about; become an Ambassador; join our local community!

And, don’t click on that twitter message that says someone is saying nasty things about you… don’t believe it! It can’t be true! You live HERE! It simply can’t be true!


PS- there sure are a lot of clues about the pop-up in this post… you’d think we were doing a contest, or something….

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Interview with a View

We’re going to have an interview tomorrow with ILoveLocalHFX to explain our involvement with OpenCity. Should be interesting… since everything surrounding our Pop-Up is secret, except for the fact we’re doing it on May12th, and we’re going to donate a portion of the proceeds to Slow Food & Feed NS, and the menu will be released on May 8th, and the location on May 11th. Lets see what else they can get out of us!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012